Plants and Poetry & Poets are the Destroyers Chapbook

Silent Metamorphosis 


Other Worldly Women

Out and Sexy

Who Was She?

Rainbow Woman (Artwork)

Shorts Magazine

Then We Kissed

Corona Global Lockdown 

(Poet's Choice Anthology)

Last Month

Extinction Rebellion

"Change is Coming"

The Adriatic

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Journal for National Women's History Month (upcoming)

One month of Coronavirus (with poetry and pictures)

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Analogies and Allegories

Sapphic Sirens

The Open Culture Collective


All Female Menu

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The Tide Rises the Tide Falls

Winter Solstice in Dunwich

Horrified Magazine

  • Unexplained and Strange Experiences in Suffolk Churches

  • More Unease in a Suffolk Church: Did We Disturb the Dead?

The Micro Podcast

Winter Solstice in Dunwich read aloud

The Nasiona

Fuck the Homophobes

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Something Else

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Tumbleweed of Doom: My Story of Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis Autoimmune Disease

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